Open the door to co-op housing


Many low- and middle-income households are feeling the squeeze in the housing market. Co-ops are part of the solution. More co-ops will help meet the need for mixed-income, affordable housing.

Help us call on all candidates to open the door to co-op housing.

The Issue

Many Ontario households are feeling the squeeze in today’s housing market. Co-op housing is part of the solution. Learn more.

Campaign Events

Co-ops across the province are hosting events to introduce candidates to co-op housing. Find an event near you.

Co-op Housing 101

Housing co-ops add value to neighbourhoods, making them a more vibrant place to live. There are over 550 housing co-ops in Ontario that 125,000 people call home. Find out what makes co-op housing so special.

Co-op Stories

Check out the stories from co-op members from across Ontario

Atkinson Co-op: community is key

Atkinson Co-op: community is key

The 2,500-strong community — diverse in ethnicity, age and family makeup — has been a driving force of Atkinson Co-op for over 50 years.

Tamil Co-op opens its doors ever wider

Tamil Co-op opens its doors ever wider

Tamil Co-op Homes has gone through many changes since it was built in 1984, but it has always been a model of what a safe, inclusive and diverse community can look like at its very best. The original purpose of the co-op was to provide housing for Tamil refugees. Today, the largest ethnic groups represented at the co-op include members of Tamil, Burmese, Vietnamese, Filipino and Ethiopian heritage.

Co-op member profile: Sarah Jensen

Co-op member profile: Sarah Jensen

Growing up in Castlegreen Housing Co-operative, Sarah Jensen can’t remember a time before she started volunteering. At 7, she was sweeping up after community events. At 14, she became the co-op’s Community Garden Coordinator. And at 18, she became the youngest person ever to join her co-op’s Board of Directors.

Co-op member profile: Quinton Rodriques

Co-op member profile: Quinton Rodriques

The way Quinton Rodriques describes his childhood at Cole Road Co-op in Guelph, Ontario, brings to mind idealized visions of a long-ago era: “I always knew I could just knock on a neighbour’s door. All the kids from the co-op would play outside together all day, until it was time to come home for dinner.”

Your story matters

Here’s your chance to share your experiences with co-op housing. Tell us how living in co-op has made a difference for you – or share a great story about an experience in your co-op. You can do it with words, photos, video - or any combination of all three. When you have something to share, just send it to us.

Affordable Housing Plan

Interested in how co-op housing fits into the larger discussion on solving the housing crisis in Ontario?

Download the Affordable Housing Plan

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CHF Canada and ONPHA release An Affordable Housing Plan for Ontario

This morning, CHF Canada and Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA) released a plan for Ontario to tackle its serious affordable housing challenges. The data shows that Ontario is experiencing the lowest vacancy rate in almost 20 years, and the highest...

Report outlines ‘ambitious’ housing strategy for Ontario

Emily Mathieu, Toronto Star: Twenty-four years ago, Christine Mounsteven packed up and moved into what she hopes will be her last home, Charles Hastings Housing Co-op, one that by location and through affordable rent has resulted in an extremely high quality of...

On June 7, Vote Co-op Housing!