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It remains a top priority for communities across the province as many Ontarians are feeling the squeeze in the housing market. In 2019, we will work with regional federations, co-ops and their members to push all levels of government to recognize that:


The Issue

Many Ontario households are feeling the squeeze in today’s housing market. Co-op housing is part of the solution. Learn more.

Co-op Housing 101

Housing co-ops add value to neighbourhoods, making them a more vibrant place to live. There are over 550 housing co-ops in Ontario that 125,000 people call home. Find out what makes co-op housing so special.

Co-op Stories

Check out the stories from co-op members from across Ontario

Atkinson Co-op: community is key

Atkinson Co-op: community is key

The 2,500-strong community — diverse in ethnicity, age and family makeup — has been a driving force of Atkinson Co-op for over 50 years.

Tamil Co-op opens its doors ever wider

Tamil Co-op opens its doors ever wider

Tamil Co-op Homes has gone through many changes since it was built in 1984, but it has always been a model of what a safe, inclusive and diverse community can look like at its very best. The original purpose of the co-op was to provide housing for Tamil refugees. Today, the largest ethnic groups represented at the co-op include members of Tamil, Burmese, Vietnamese, Filipino and Ethiopian heritage.

Co-op member profile: Sarah Jensen

Co-op member profile: Sarah Jensen

Growing up in Castlegreen Housing Co-operative, Sarah Jensen can’t remember a time before she started volunteering. At 7, she was sweeping up after community events. At 14, she became the co-op’s Community Garden Coordinator. And at 18, she became the youngest person ever to join her co-op’s Board of Directors.

Co-op member profile: Quinton Rodriques

Co-op member profile: Quinton Rodriques

The way Quinton Rodriques describes his childhood at Cole Road Co-op in Guelph, Ontario, brings to mind idealized visions of a long-ago era: “I always knew I could just knock on a neighbour’s door. All the kids from the co-op would play outside together all day, until it was time to come home for dinner.”

Your story matters

Here’s your chance to share your experiences with co-op housing. Tell us how living in co-op has made a difference for you – or share a great story about an experience in your co-op. You can do it with words, photos, video - or any combination of all three. When you have something to share, just send it to us.

Affordable Housing Plan

Interested in how co-op housing fits into the larger discussion on solving the housing crisis in Ontario?

Download the Affordable Housing Plan

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