John Michael McGrath, TVO  

John Tory’s four years in office have been pretty calm — at least relative to the four that preceded his election as mayor. Under the pugnacious (and scandal-plagued) Rob Ford, city council was frequently the scene of unfriendly fire. Under the more sedate Tory, many formerly acrimonious disputes have subsided, and we now have something more like a cold war.

When it comes to the transit file, for example, Tory’s critics (most notably, Ward 22 councillor Josh Matlow) have repeatedly used what little leverage they have to remind people that the Scarborough subway extension is bad policy — but they’ve done nothing to substantially reverse or even delay the project. So what’s the lightning-rod issue going to be as Tory heads into an election he’s heavily favoured to win?

If Jennifer Keesmaat gets her wish, it’s housing affordability.

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