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Report outlines ‘ambitious’ housing strategy for Ontario

Emily Mathieu, Toronto Star: Twenty-four years ago, Christine Mounsteven packed up and moved into what she hopes will be her last home, Charles Hastings Housing Co-op, one that by location and through affordable rent has resulted in an extremely high quality of...

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Rental housing becoming more unaffordable

Bill Jackson, Kitchener Post: A new set of data shows that wages in Kitchener and Waterloo aren't keeping pace with residential rent increases — a trend that's forcing many households to allot more of their overall income to housing, putting many at a "crisis level"...

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Fight against housing costs

On the Money, CBC News: Jennifer Keesmaat, former Chief Planner for City of Toronto, spoke with CBC News on giving away free land in Toronto and Vancouver. Watch the interview...

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The coming housing crisis for seniors

Rob Carrick, Globe and Mail: Seniors have something in common with young adults – it’s getting ever harder to find an affordable place to rent. Read the full story...

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‘Crisis of affordability’ for Toronto renters, report says

Tamar Harris, Toronto Star:  Nearly a quarter of renters in Toronto are spending more than 50 per cent of their household income on rent and utilities, creating a “crisis of affordability,” according to the 2018 Canadian Rental Housing Index. Read the full story...

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On June 7, more than 100,000 co-op members across Ontario go to the polls to vote in the provincial election. We want to make affordable housing the issue in this election.  YOU CAN HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN!