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Cadence Weapon takes aim at the condo boom in new single

Emily Mathieu, Toronto Star:   "I lived in Montreal for six years and never had any trouble finding housing. (But in Toronto,) we looked at, I would say, 25 different apartments and houses before we eventually got one. We would do open houses with literally 100...

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Ontario should close loopholes in rental laws

Editorial, Hamilton Spectator:  The word crisis is overused, especially during an election campaign. But it’s not hyperbole when used to describe the situation with rent affordability in Ontario today. A crisis is exactly what we have. Read the full story...

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City plan puts focus on 2- and 3-bedroom residential units

Tamar Harris, Toronto Star:   The Official Plan Amendment and three infrastructure strategies was considered by council late Wednesday night. The master plan requires new residential developments with more than 80 units to be made up of at least 40 per cent two- and...

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Affording Housing in Ontario

The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO:   CHF CANADA's SIMONE SWAIL SPEAKS ON AFFORDABLE HOUSING PANEL. Housing affordability is a top issue in the Ontario election campaign. The Agenda invited experts and stakeholders to discuss what the province needs as a housing plan...

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Finding a home in Ontario: out of reach?

The Agenda, TVO:   The need for housing has far outstripped affordability. What steps should the next Ontario government take? Discussion with candidates from the 4 major parties: Peter Milczyn, Peter Tabuns, Denzil Minnan-Wong and  Stacey Danker. See the full...

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Ottawa rents out of range for minimum wage earners: report

Susan Burgess, CBC News:   Tenant advocates are sounding the alarm over high rents across the province, including in Ottawa. The Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (ACTO) makes the case for government action in its report called "Where Will We Live? Ontario's...

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Toronto area millennials want their own backyards, report says

Tamar Harris, Toronto Star:   Millennials may be delaying marriage and taking longer to move out of their parents’ homes, but when they do, their entry in the housing market is expected to drive up home prices and increase congestion in the suburbs, according to a new...

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Many low- and middle-income households in Ontario are feeling the squeeze in the housing market. Co-ops are part of the solution. We need all levels of government to come to the table to fix the affordable housing squeeze.