The Issue

On October 22, more than 100,000 co-op members across Ontario go to the polls to vote in the municipal elections. Help make affordable housing the election issue.

The challenge for households that rent

Every day, rents continue to rise out of reach for many low- and middle-income households. Since 1992 rents have climbed 63%, and the average cost to buy a home in some parts of the province has more than tripled. But wages haven’t kept up.

In Ontario affordable housing is a municipal responsibility. Unfortunately, many municipalities find it challenging to properly support and fund the affordable housing in their region.

With over 170,000 Ontarians on the affordable housing wait-lists; hundreds of thousands more in core housing need, we need action to move past the status-quo and make affordable housing a key priority again.

Ontario has built some affordable housing over the last 20 years, but not enough to meet the needs of the province.

Your municipality can help build new co-op homes

Municipalities need to build new affordable housing. Fortunately, they have willing and capable partners in the co-op and non-profit sectors. Municipalities have a toolbox of policies which can help get more affordable housing built. These include surplus lands, city funds and inclusionary zoning.

Ontario needs a renewed partnership between municipalities, non-profits and co-ops with the goal of tackling the housing crisis. We need our municipal governments to be strong supporters of affordable housing, and to advocate other levels of government to prioritize affordable housing programs.

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Affordable Housing Plan

Interested in how co-op housing fits into the larger discussion on solving the housing crisis in Ontario?

Download the Affordable Housing Plan