Co-op Stories

Our stories: housing co-ops

Daly Co-op’s renovations make aging in place easy

Ottawa’s Daly Co-op is undergoing a serious makeover! This 88-unit co-op is in the middle of a series of major renovations that are making the co-op safer, more modern, and more accessible, especially for seniors and members with disabilities. Most of the...

Bain Honour Canoe supports Truth and Reconciliation

The recipient of CHF Canada’s 2018 Award for Co-operative Achievement is Bain Co-op in Toronto, Ontario for its Honour Canoe Project. Bain Canoe crew member Crystal Walker-Habermel (pictured and featured in the award video) accepted the award on behalf of the co-op...

Atkinson Co-op: community is key

The 2,500-strong community — diverse in ethnicity, age and family makeup — has been a driving force of Atkinson Co-op for over 50 years.

Tamil Co-op opens its doors ever wider

Tamil Co-op Homes has gone through many changes since it was built in 1984, but it has always been a model of what a safe, inclusive and diverse community can look like at its very best. The original purpose of the co-op was to provide housing for Tamil refugees. Today, the largest ethnic groups represented at the co-op include members of Tamil, Burmese, Vietnamese, Filipino and Ethiopian heritage.

Stability and Succession at West Glen Co-op

At West Glen Co-op in Brantford, age matters. Their multi-generational board of directors is an important aspect of governance, and having senior members age in place helps to maintain continuity.

Our stories: co-op members

Co-op member profile: Sarah Jensen

Growing up in Castlegreen Housing Co-operative, Sarah Jensen can’t remember a time before she started volunteering. At 7, she was sweeping up after community events. At 14, she became the co-op’s Community Garden Coordinator. And at 18, she became the youngest person ever to join her co-op’s Board of Directors.

Co-op member profile: Quinton Rodriques

The way Quinton Rodriques describes his childhood at Cole Road Co-op in Guelph, Ontario, brings to mind idealized visions of a long-ago era: “I always knew I could just knock on a neighbour’s door. All the kids from the co-op would play outside together all day, until it was time to come home for dinner.”

Co-op member profile: Jjess Sselwanija

When they moved back to Ottawa after living in the prairies, Jjess Sselwanjja was worried about losing the sense of friendliness and community that they experienced in Alberta.

Co-ops celebrate life of activist: Eleanor McDonald

Members of Hugh Garner Co-op in Toronto and co-op members and supporters across the country are grieving the loss last year of Eleanor McDonald, a true champion of co-op housing and a wide range of social issues.

Co-op member profile: Domanique Grant

Domanique Grant has been busy. Last fall, she brought her infectious love of housing co-ops to a series of new projects: a video paying tribute to the past, present, and future leaders of the co-operative movement, her debut album, and an interactive exhibit for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche.